Rev. David Duquette, Administrative Commission Chair

I am pleased to welcome a “new” member to the staff of First Presbyterian Church, Bethlehem. “New” is in quotation marks, because Rev. Sue Bennetch is well-known to you and by you; and, Sue knows you well. She has accepted a position as a part-time parish associate who will provide pastoral care to members in need and will be the staff resource for the Deacons.

Sue’s arrival marks a significant next step in rebuilding First Presbyterian, Bethlehem. The efforts of members caring for members have been remarkable, heroic, and sacrificial. You have inspired me on countless occasions with the lengths you will go to care for one another, but there comes a point when something more than stopgap measures are called for; something that will build up rather than deplete energy.

Sue’s ministry will add the energy and care that is needed. She will help us rebuild.

I encourage you to read the book of Nehemiah during the month of August. Nehemiah is one of the great leaders in history and the text is a primer in mobilizing the people of God to rebuild; the challenge Nehemiah faced was to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem in the face of determined opposition. We face the challenge of rebuilding First Presbyterian, Bethlehem; yes, we have our own determined opposition, but what this remarkable book portrays is what the people of God can accomplish when we work together in faith.

I look forward to working with you in the days ahead in rebuilding; not simply what was, but with faith and hope, the First Presbyterian, Bethlehem, that God is calling into being!

In Christ,

Rev. David Duquette
Administrative Commission Chair

*  *  *

If you need transportation to or from our early service, please send an email to info@fpcb-pcusa.org.  Please realize that someone will arrive fairly early to pick you up, but we are happy to provide this service. Include your name, address and phone number on the email and someone will happily be in touch.